Monday, August 6, 2007

Devil's Chronicles : Chapter 7

She sat down at her chair by the counter. She was aware of her rudeness to him. Somehow she didn’t care. A feeling of dread had engulfed her bringing on a wave of nausea.

She leaned forward on the counter , placed her head on the counter and closed her eyes.

She was startled by the ring of her mobile phone. She looked at the number. It was her husband.

Oh God, No…don’t let it be…please.’ Her mind wailed.

Her husband’s voice seemed to come from far off.

‘Hello, can you hear me?’

‘Yes’ she whispered.

‘Its our son. There was an accident in the school. They called me. Hes in the hospital . You go straight home. I will bring him there. ' He spoke in short sentences. She could make out the strain in his voice, trying to keep his emotions in check. Being a man. A scared man.

‘Is he ok?’ she asked. A chill took hold of her; she realized she was shivering.

‘I don’t know….they are not saying…they are not saying anything…’ he stopped. There was a lump in his throat, he could not talk, he gasped. Then he cried.

She heard her husband’s sobs over the phone and placed the mobile on the counter. She looked at it dispassionately. She could hear the mute voice of her husband asking if she was still there.

She tried to stand up, but her leg gave up underneath her. Her mind was racing,

Did you have the lunch I packed for you….or did you throw it like you do at home? What did you wear today? Was it the color dress day or the uniform day? God! I don’t remember. Why did I scream at him last night? I have been an awful mother…my poor baby…my poor baby. I would do anything to hold you now…my poor baby…I will never shout at you…you can have anything you want….just be there when I get back home….please be there when I get back…oh god, please let him be there when I get back home…

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