Monday, August 6, 2007

Devil's Chronicles : Chapter 6

We walked back to the library. She was still buried in her thoughts. She fished the keys out of her bag. Unlocked the door and stepped in. She turned around to face me , at the door way. I stood outside .The sun had come out of the clouds and was shinning upon me.

‘ Will you gone long?’ She asked. I was not being asked in.

‘ We will meet again. Theres a reason behind our meeting. I have sought you out.’

‘Are you one of Them? Like Jesus?’ She was looking down at her feet as she spoke. Her hand gripping the side of the door. The bell attached to the door rang its melody.

‘ No, Iam not like them. Iam on your side.’ That’s the closest I could come to revealing my true self.

She looked at me. I saw what she saw. An old man, with his white hair haloed by the sun, wearing a black cotton pants and a white linen half sleeves shirt. Harmless, vulnerable . I took the cotton handkerchief out of my packet and wiped my forehead clear of sweat. She was unmoved.

‘Goodbye.’ She closed the door behind her. I watched her while she switched on the light inside.

‘ Until we meet again’

If she had looked, she would have seen an old man walking in the middle of the road , enjoying the searing afternoon desert sun .

If she ran after me , overtook me and faced me, she would have seen that I was smiling.

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Pravish R Kuttickat said...

She is not not sure wether the old man is her friend or her foe. The mind is in a turmoil.